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Welcome to Cramberries!

Cramberries is a story about a girl who was living a normal life until an unexpected demon, childhood friend, decided to pay her a visit through the pantry! When it just seemed like a joyful reunion, a mysterious woman also decided to pay our heroine a visit, but not for the same causeā€¦ Now Lucinda (our heroine) is roommates with two demons, a ghost, and a witch who happens to be her best friend. When you think it just couldn't get weirder, a woman with crazy black hair and her minions are after our heroine for reasons only the past holds. Despite that she goes to school and has a part-time job, nothing in her life is normal whatsoever. Except, her love life?

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05 Mar 2015 08:13 pm

Temp schedule and poll!

Hey guys, thanks for being such patience with us! We've (mostly me) been busy with a lot of things like jobs, writing a new webcomic, and just trying to relax, my job has made me so stressful lately.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I'm going to try to upload the comic on Wednesdays for now. I know I haven't been posting hardly any comics on here but I want to let you guys know that I'm not gonna quit this comic. I love this comic way too much to give up on it and I know that other people will love it when I can fix up the old pages. Besides, this comic is one of the few things keeping me from going insane from work.

Also, I'll start posting these polls of the month on the news page so feel free to take a look at that!

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