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Welcome to Cramberries!

Cramberries is a story about a girl who was living a normal life until an unexpected demon, childhood friend, decided to pay her a visit through the pantry! When it just seemed like a joyful reunion, a mysterious woman also decided to pay our heroine a visit, but not for the same causeā€¦ Now Lucinda (our heroine) is roommates with two demons, a ghost, and a witch who happens to be her best friend. When you think it just couldn't get weirder, a woman with crazy black hair and her minions are after our heroine for reasons only the past holds. Despite that she goes to school and has a part-time job, nothing in her life is normal whatsoever. Except, her love life?

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Here's a link image to the editor's comic, make sure to check out his comic as well!


28 Nov 2015 12:25 pm

Fall Break 2015

Hi everyone, the editor and I are taking a two week break so we can catch up on the holidays. Hope you had a good thanksgiving!

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